October 24, 2014

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Haberski’s Defense of Civil Religion Raises More Questions Than It Answers

‘God and War: American Civil Religion Since 1945,’ by Ramond Haberski Jr., is a history of the way religion has been used in American politics since the end of World War II, especially regarding war (including the cold war). Haberski, a history professor at Marian University, discusses how various presidents have related to and used religion in this regard, as well as clerics and intellectuals. He sees the use of religion as pretty ubiquitous, though varied in purpose and effect. Unfortunately, he doesn’t provide a clear conception of civil religion, and without that, we cannot know if it really is necessary and good in general or in any particular instance. . . .

Remembrances from Christopher Hitchens’ Wife

I came across this homage to Christopher Hitchens by his wife, Carol Blue, and thought it a fascinating study in a man who despised the God who he was convinced didn’t exist, and belittled this God’s followers. He sounds like a terrific fellow, a larger than life figure who was a great husband, father and friend, not to mention dinner guest and host. It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, but that was a courtesy Hitchens didn’t himself follow