October 21, 2014

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Lileks Blooms in ‘Graveyard Special’

James Lilieks’s “Graveyard Special” is a funny mystery novel with a weak mystery but cracking good comedy. Lileks is writing an elegy here, for a time and a place and old friends as the ’60s ethos reached its end. I can understand that. Although I’m older than he is, one of the book’s characters is correct when he says that the fall of 1980 was really the end of the ‘60s. So the U of M he knew is very much the U I knew (as an acquaintance). Without preaching, Lileks delights in gently poking the pretensions of the day–the reflexive leftism, the conviction that Reagan’s election would mean the end of the world, even the belief in global cooling that was pretty much unquestioned at the time. . . .