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Daily Archives: December 11, 2012


We all know that spring, and not winter, is the time that a young man’s fancy turns to love (just the opposite in fact: when it’s cold outside, he’s got the month of May). But can a great love song be set during the frosty winter months? If you think not, take a listen to “Winterlight” by the brilliant band Roman Candle (sorry, no embed code). In just under four minutes, it captures the Christmas season, fleeting romantic love, permanent bonds, and the beauty that remains even when the world turns cold – all without dissolving into gooey sentimentality. Not …continue reading

Ace Aces It!

Those of us at The American Culture often comment on the monopoly modern liberals, i.e. progressives, have on the culture. This is not a good thing for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with its affects on our politics and public policy, not the least of which is the truth. If the libs in the media, education and popular culture had a little more competition, maybe the truth would win out more often.