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Daily Archives: December 29, 2012

Les Misérables Didn’t Make Me Totally Miserable!

You see, I’m not a big fan of musicals. Yes, I guess you could say, I’ll admit it, I’m a musical hater. But it could be I’m getting soft in my old age. When I heard that a film was being made of the Broadway hit Les Misérables I yawned. But my daughter sure didn’t; she was ecstatic. And the wife thinks musicals are great too. Being a fan of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel I figured I’d join them to see what this musical adaptation was like and what all the hubbub was about; reading the mostly positive reviews actually made seeing it thinkable, which for me is saying a lot. You can read as many reviews as can stand (Rotten Tomatoes gives is a 71% on 162—normal folks rated it at 86%, which I can imagine is quite high), so no need for one here, but I can give a regular musical hater guy’s impressions. And yes, lots of spoilers.