Thursday, April 24, 2014

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A Convenient Deceit

In commemoration of Earth Day, here is my analysis of the Academy Award-winning Al Gore movie that galvanized the global warming movement and ultimately led to its demise by exposing the arguments for global warming alarmism to serious public, scientific scrutiny. An Inconvenient Truth is a platform from which Gore assumes the Cassandra role of predicting the demise of the world as we know it. As a work intended to frighten audiences into compelling government to “do something, anything” about global warming, the film fails on both scientific and rhetorical levels. An Inconvenient Truth attempts to link personal events in …continue reading

‘Story of Stuff’ Is Outrageous Classroom Propaganda

The brilliant documentary filmmaker Ann McElhinney (Mine Your Own Business; Not Evil, Just Wrong) has written a must-read essay exposing the slanted, ignorant, self-contradictory, blatantly Luddite nature of a propagandistic “documentary” already shown to millions of U.S. children by useful idiots spending your taxpayer dollars in order to indoctrinate your children into hatred of the modern world and a desire to return to savagery. This is an outrageous misappropriation of funds indicating the arrogance and lack of accountability among public school teachers and administrators across the nation. It’s more evidence (as if any were yet needed) of the pressing need …continue reading

That Fascist Green Police Ad is Stuck in My Head

And that’s the point, I guess. Watch this ad for a “clean diesel” car by Audi, and good luck getting this slightly modified version of the Cheap Trick classic “Dream Police” out of your head. I couldn’t get it out with a lobotomy. It’s been playing off and on in my brain since it first aired during the Super Bowl. But beyond the ditty, I also can’t get the vision of a fascist “green” future out of my head — even if it’s portrayed with a heavy dollop of of “Reno: 911“-style cop-show parody. Good comedy has to have a …continue reading

New Film Exposes the “Dark Side of Environmentalism”

The one big advantage environmental activists have is the presumed purity of their motives. They claim they only want to protect the earth from a few particularly greedy people, and they say their efforts benefit everybody. That’s their story, anyway, and they’re sticking to it. The reality is a far different matter, as the acclaimed documentary filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Patricia McElhinney make clear in their film Mine Your Own Business, now available on DVD. The film is billed as presenting “The Dark Side of Environmentalism,” and it succeeds brilliantly. Seldom have Western environmental activists been shown in all their …continue reading

The Simpsons Movie

If you ever liked the Simpsons TV series, you’ll enjoy The Simspsons Movie. It’s basically a long episode of the series, but the film never becomes boring. The animation looks fine, the characters are as we always knew and enjoyed them, and the humorous dialogue lines are as funny as ever. There’s rather too much Lisa for my taste—Lisa represents the cause-y and sentimental sides of the program, which are the aspects I enjoy the least. Similarly, Bart is given an emotional crisis that takes away from his usual humorous role as a force of nature. He’s nowhere near as …continue reading

Exposing the Dark Side of Environmentalism

Concern for the environment has accomplished wonderful things since the 1940s. Both businesses (not widely acknowledged) and government (given far too much credit for the positive changes and a pass on the negative ones) worked to clean up the nation’s air and water. Our environment is the cleanest it has ever been since the onset of the agricultural/husbandry age more than two millennia ago. That’s great news, right?  There’s more that we can accomplish, of course, but exactly what that is and how best to do it are matters of furious contention. It is undeniable that economic growth and technological …continue reading